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About FMMC

About FMMC

The Foundation for MultiMedia Communications (FMMC) undertakes research, technological development, field trials, information gathering and dissemination, as well as promotional and awareness raising activities relating to the networks supporting such multimedia communications as the Internet and their use.

FMMC Activities

FMMC Activities

Supporting activities of the Network for Safety and Future Promotion Conference

FMMC serves as Secretariat of the Network for Safety and Future Promotion Conference, in which academic experts, telecommunication carriers and Internet-related businesses get together in order to carry out campaigns which provide children with a safe and secure Internet environment. This conference supports several projects such as "e-Net-Caravan", "Base Camp", and "Oasis."

Other Projects Aimed at Realizing the Safe and Secure Network Society

Producing and dsitributing guidebooks and teaching materials to prevent wrongdoing and crime in Internet

Research and study of actions that can be taken for safe and secure networks

Support for measures for Internet security

Activities of Secretariat for Information Security Conference for Telecommunications(ISeCT)

Research and analysis activities

Producing and dsitributing guidebooks and teaching materials to prevent wrongdoing and crime in Internet
Research contributing to policy making, market review and strategy formation, ect.

Research and study of actions that can be taken for safe and secure networks Research aiming to contribute to public needs, public interests, etc.
We conduct information collection and analysis using national and international information networks. Realizing a ubiquitous society in the sense that consumers can use various ICT services to freely and seamlessly communicate with each other will require wide0range information collection and analysis from diverse viewpoints covering the communications, broadcasting, logistics, finance and ICT fields. To that end, in addition to policy and market trends in countries located in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we multilaterally and internationally collect and store information on international bodies like the ITU, new buisness trends and services, and trends among users of national/international ICT services. Based on this kind of information, we perform deeper analysis through field surveys, interviews, and questionnaire surveys, and conduct investigation research contributing to policy making and the public good.

Research and analysis activities

As evidenced by the rapid growth of the mobile phone and the transition to digital TV, use of radio spectrum is expanding rapidly. We are conductiong research in spectrum management policy, wireless technology, and radio spectrum utilization, by investigating trends in foreign countries.

Policy and Technology for Efficient Spectrum Use

Spectrum User Fee

Digital TV Broadcasting

Spectrum for Next Generation Mobile Communication

Disaster Radio Systems

Special Lectures during Information and Communications Month

Information and Commuications Month, which takes place every year from May 15th to June 15th, features several events nationwide in order to promote ICT. FMMC gives lectures or symposia based on a specific topic each year.

Holding Symposia and Lectures

FMMC holds symposia and lectures from global persoective in a timely and suitable manner.

Operating the e-Business Association (eBA)

The e-Business Association (eBA) was orininally launched under the name of the Multimedia Buisiness Association in 1994. Since then, the association has served as aregular forum to exchange information and opinions on global trends new topics, and practices of specific initiatives in the multimedia field. The association sponsors ten or so lectures every year whick comers the hottest topics as well as salons in which guest speakers and participants exchange their view in friendly atmosphere.

Operating the Seamless Network Workshop

FMMC operates the Seamless Networks Workshop in which FMMC supporting members, including telecommunication carriers manufacturers, have opportunities to exchange information and opinions with government officials in charge of developing Japan’s information and communications framework. The workshop contributes to constructiong Japan’s future network systems and developing useful applications.

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